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jueves, 12 de febrero de 2015

Vintage delights (XXXII)

Flappers on ice, 1920s

Warbuddies aboard, 1940s

Rouge et Noir, Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo production, costumes by Henri Matisse, c. 1939

Charleston champions, NY, 1926

Beefcakes on the beach, 1953

 Berlin golden twenties

Showering, World War II

Wooden bathing suits from 1929

NYC 1925. Girls without gravity

 A fan shows off her skirt at an Elvis Presley concert, 1956

 Claes Oldenburg with giant toothpaste tube, London, 1966

Couple kissing goodbye at Penn Station, NY, 1944

Christine Hodgson won first prize for this ‘Egghead’ look at a parade in the English seaside town of Morecambe

Edwina Booth hairdryer


Beatrice Appleyard, 1934

Martin E. 'Whitey' Kaufman, 1930s

Victorian transgression

 Nils Asther, the male Garbo, 1920s

Buffalo Bill Cody, 1892

Winston Churchill in 1895, Cornet (Second Lieutenant) in the 4th Queen's Own Hussars

Turkish belly dancer Sabine Sevan, 1960s

German dancer Rita Sacchetto, 1910s

The epic battle to rule the NYC skyline

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