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sábado, 4 de junio de 2016

Vintage American workers

Capitol building progress, Washington, ca. 1863

Miner at work underground, Virginia City, Nevada, 1867

Boiler shop crew, U.S. Navy Yard, Mare Island, California, 1901

Rolling logs into the river, Michigan, 1901

Small newsie down-town, Saturday afternoon. St. Louis, Missouri, 1910

Meatpackers, Omaha, Nebraska, 1910

Bureau Inspector assigned to sausage department supervises the entire process of manufacturing,  Omaha, Nebraska, 1910

Banana inspection, 1910

Maid with small children in view, Washington DC, ca. 1910

U.S. park policeman near State, War, and Navy Building, Washington, DC, ca. 1910

Demonstration of protest and mourning for Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of March 25, 1911, New York City, New York, April 5, 1911

 View of the Ewen Breaker of the Pa. Coal Co. with a kind of slave-driver standing over the boys, Pittston, Pennsylvania, 1911

 Workers on the first moving assembly line put together magnetos and flywheels for 1913 Ford autos, Highland Park, Michigan, 1913

A typical fruit and vegetable stand in Center Market, Washington, DC, 1915

 Soldier in black and white uniform to conceal him while climbing trees,Washington DC, 1917

United Auto Workers’ sit-down strike, Flint, Michigan, 1917

Union Mills, Inc., Harder Dept., Hudson, NY, ca. 1917-18

Riveter at work at Hog Island Shipyard, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1918

War Activities: Women taking place of men on Great Northern Railway at Great Falls, Montana, 1919

Cutting Press. DuPont deNemours Co., Carney's Point, New Jersey, 1919

 Cotton field, 1919

Mechanic in his shrine, New York City, 1924

Rural hospital operating room, Ohio, 1924

Room full of girls seated at typewriters transcribing dictaphone records, ca. 1925

 Rural community fire apparatus purchased through the Progressive Farmers Club, and manned by the Village Fire Department, Waterton, Minnesota, ca. 1925

U.S. Mail Service winter flying clothing, Omaha, Nebraska, ca. 1926

N.Y. live poultry exchange, New York City, 1928

Native girls packing pineapple into cans, Hawaii, 1928

Farm woman using her electric mangle, Montgomery County, Indiana, 1930

Farm woman checking pantry supplies, South Dakota, 1936

A five-yard dipper on electric shovel, Grand Coulee Dam, Washington, 1936

Strike pickets, New York, 1937

Card Punch Operators working on population cards, Washington DC, 1940

Card Punch Operators working on population cards, Negro section, Washington DC, 1940

 Signs of the times: The union enters the deep South, Coosa Valley, Alabama, 1941

 'Top women' at U.S. Steel's Gary, Indiana Works, 1941-1945

Man working on hull of U.S. Submarine at Electric Boat Co., Groton, Connecticut, 1943

A bell system switchboard where overseas calls are handled, 1943

Assembly line at Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corp. New York, 1945

Tulip Town Market, Grove Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 1945

Coming out of the mine at the end of the day’s work, Harlan County, Kentucky, 1946

Secretary works overtime  at night to get out the day’s mail after the Senator has signed it,  Washington, DC, 1949

Lounge section of dining car, Erie Railroad Company, ca. 1949

Instructing nurses on the use of respirator for a polio patient, 1958

Fire fighter rescuing child, ca. 1960

A Hanford technician, wearing a protective mask fitted with the receiver of a two-way radio system, Hanford Works, near Richland, Washington, ca. 1961

A marine walking point for his unit during Operation Macon, Vietnam, 1966

Working at an isolation booth, Argonne National Lab, Illinois 1967

 U.S. Postal workers operating sorting machines wear earphones tuned to the music of their choice to relieve the monotony and noise of their work and machines, Merrifield, Virginia, ca. 1973

Woman pulls weeds out of a planter while balancing her six-month-old son on her hip, Lockwood, Missouri, ca. 1978

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