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viernes, 25 de diciembre de 2015

Vintage delights (LIV)

Earl Burnett & his Orchestra, Charles King, Anita Page, Bessie Love ("The Broadway melody", 1929)

Lew Ayres & Raymond Griffith ("All quiet on the western front", 1930)

 Jean Harlow & Wallace Beery ("Dinner at eight", 1933)

Greta Garbo & Fredric March ("Anna Karenina", 1935)

Marlene Dietrich & Melvyn Douglas ("Angel", 1937)

Lon Chaney Jr. & Burgess Meredith ("Of mice and men", 1939)

Ruth Hussey, James Stewart, Cary Grant & Katharine Hepburn ("The Philadelphia story", 1940)

Veronica Lake & Joel McCrea ("Sullivan's travels", 1941)

Maria Montez ("Arabian nights", 1942)

Gary Cooper & Ingrid Bergman ("For whom the bell tolls", 1943)

Stewart Granger, Vivien Leigh, Cecil Parker & Claude Rains ("Caesar and Cleopatra", 1945)

 Joan Fontaine ("Ivy", 1947)

 Fred Astaire ("Royal wedding", 1951)

Claire Bloom & Charles Chaplin ("Limelight", 1952)

Mel Ferrer & Audrey Hepburn ("War and peace", 1956)

Giulietta Masina ("Le notti di Cabiria", 1957)

Paul Newman & Elizaberh Taylor ("Cat on a hot tin roof", 1958)

Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe & orchestra girls ("Some like it hot", 1959)

Anthony Quinn & Peter O'Toole ("Lawrence of Arabia", 1962)

Alain Delon & Claudia Cardinale ("Il Gattopardo", 1963)

Tippi Hedren & Sean Connery ("Marnie", 1964)

Burt Lancaster ("The swimmer", 1968)

Dustin Hoffman & Jon Voight ("Midnight cowboy", 1969)

Timothy Bottoms, Jeff Bridges & Cybill Shepherd ("The last picture show", 1971)

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